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The Cube Project

By AquilaDellaNotte Kondor



Molti di voi hanno di sicuro sentito parlare del “Linden Endowment or Artist in residence program” (http://lindenarts.blogspot.it/), una iniziativa, patrocinata dalla Linden Lab, per favorire la conoscenza delle maggiori realizzazioni artistiche in Second Life (https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Endowment_for_the_Arts_Committee). Vogliamo cogliere l’occasione di una iniziativa particolare promossa in quest’ambito, “The Cube Project”, per parlarne con Bryn Oh, la massima animatrice del gruppo che gestisce il progetto, una delle artiste più note in Second Life (http://brynoh.blogspot.it/2012/08/the-cube-project.html). Abbiamo incontrato Bryn presso la sede dell’esposizione (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA23/165/229/24) ed ha accettato volentieri di rispondere alle nostre domande.



[09:20] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Hello Bryn, thank you for this meeting. I’d like to talk with you about the LEA. It’s wonderful that Linden Lab dedicates 20 sims to this project, how the idea was born?

[09:21] Bryn Oh: The 20 regions we are now on, were from a program called the “Linden Endowment or Artist in residence program”. Each artist had them for five months and just finished, so between the finish and the next set of artist who come on the 1st of september, we had two weeks, and i proposed to create this project to use the resources. But the artist in residence program will give each a full region for 6 months

[09:23] Bryn Oh: the 20 regions we are on, are used all year for artists who apply with projects , 6 months residence, but when one ends and another begins, there is two weeks where the regions are not being used, so i created this for those two weeks, then it comes down and the artist begin their projects for 6 months

[09:25] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: 6 months + 2weeks free + 6 months, etc. …..

[09:25] Bryn Oh: yes, the two weeks are just to allow us to remove everything and flatten the land etc

[09:25] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: and each artist can remain here

[09:26] Bryn Oh: yes, and we will announce the new set of artists in a week or so

[09:26] Bryn Oh: each proposal is different, but they may have numerous exhibits

[09:26] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: I see

[09:26] Bryn Oh: there will a main exhibit after four months, where all artists are expected to have their work ready, but they are quite welcome to have numerous shows before and after [09:27] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: how many artists are involved in this projecy?

[09:27] Bryn Oh: the Cube Project has 25 artists, i think

[09:28] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: but others will came …

[09:28] Bryn Oh: i will give you a notecard with their names

[09:28] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: tks

[09:28] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: what countries they mostly come from?

[09:29] Bryn Oh: the wonderful thing about Second Life art is that there is a huge range, many countries, we are not limited to local artist when in a Virtual World, so the breadth of cultural vision is quite varied and impressive

[09:31] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: in this case, of the Cube Project, you give a theme to the exhibition: white and black…

[09:31] Bryn Oh: yes

[09:31] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: will it be always so? With a specific theme?

[09:31] Bryn Oh: i think perhaps there is still some confusion, this show here that is black and white cubes, is just for two weeks, and essentially it is curated, but the main use of this land is for endowment artists with their own projects , who use the land for six months, so we do not interfere with them. They apply for the land with a project description and they follow their project.. we merely supply land for them.

[09:33] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: I understand, so this kind of exhibition, with a specific subject , is only for this case?

[09:33] Bryn Oh: right, and in six months time. When the next set of artists are done, there will be two weeks between new artists, and perhaps we plan another event, with a theme

[09:36] Bryn Oh: we would think up some 2 week project, then back to endowment artists



[09:37] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: why Linden Lab accepted to dedicate so many resources to a not commercial project?

[09:38] Bryn Oh: actually linden labs is not directly involved with the LEA, it is run by a group of resident volunteers, so they then ask their shareholders and we negotiated with Linden Labs to get the regions to give to artists

[09:39] Bryn Oh: but the reason they give the land is because it creates content for them

[09:39] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: yes, but the sims are available from Linden Lab as a free use, or not?

[09:40] Bryn Oh: yes we dont pay tier, but the virtual world needs content for its users, so this for example. People come to see it, they bring friends, have fun, they dont have to pay

[09:41] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: but it’s not usual to obtain such a contribute by Linden Lab, don’t you think? Maybe in this case the project is very important for them

[09:41] Bryn Oh: so they get much value, very rare for them to do, and increasingly so they drop out of burning life and SL birthday party. They dont wish to organize events anymore, they dont have the employees to do this, so now they wish residents to do it

[09:42] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: I know

[09:42] Bryn Oh: they will watch to see if what we do with the LEA is effective, if it makes sense for them, as a business, they will keep giving us these resources, if we do a poor job they will take them away

[09:43] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: so, it is a succes for you as group too

[09:43] Bryn Oh: it is rewarding, they occasionally do give land, like for the World Expo in Shanghai, and other events, but very rare, it sets a precedent. If they give land to one then others will want free land etc, so they are quite careful

[09:45] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: what are your plan for the future for this project? or it’s too early to talk about that?

[09:46] Bryn Oh: Oh lots of things. We have educational classes and the avatar games to begin again, different curated art shows, film festivals. Lots of work

[09:47] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: I see

[09:47] Bryn Oh: there is a group called the Linden Endowment for the arts info, where we announce things, as well as a website

[09:47] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: it’s a lot of work for your group too

[09:48] Bryn Oh: yes more than I expected 🙂

[09:48] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: 🙂

[09:48] Bryn Oh: little things take forever

[09:48] Bryn Oh: not to mention the big projects



[09:48] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: are you an artist in your RL as well?

[09:50] Bryn Oh: yes, I am an oil painter by profession, that is my career. But i find the medium of Virtual Worlds fascinating to work in. It is like making a painting you can go into

[09:50] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: You live in Canada, don’t you?

[09:50] Bryn Oh: yes

[09:51] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Bryn, may I take some pics for the article?

[09:51] Bryn Oh: yes

[09:51] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: thanks a lot for your time Bryn

[09:56] Bryn Oh: thanks for your interest

[09:56] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: see you soon

[09:56] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: bye

[09:56] Bryn Oh: bye have fun

[09:56] AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: and congratulation again

[09:57] Bryn Oh: thank you 🙂

Una chiacchierata illuminante, su cosa voglia dire, in termini di risultati, creare un gruppo qualificato ed affiatato nella realizzazione un progetto.



Di seguito le “regole” per l’organizzazione del progetto, diffuse a suo tempo dal team:

“Artists of the Cube Project. The Cube Project begins now and there are very few rules.  You may use only cubes (prim, sculpt or mesh) in either black or white.  If you texture the cube yourself then it should remain within the aesthetic of black and white.  Scripting is allowed but should be fairly subtle.  The overall build will have a feelling of stillness.  If you plan something dramatic using scripting or video then try to make it innitially concealed only being discovered perhaps after turning a corner allowing it again to dissapear upon turning the next.  Pockets of things to find is the idea and we don’t want to be competing with each other for attention.     

The landmark provided takes you to the arrival point for the build and from there please explore and find a place to begin building.  The idea for the Cube Project is to create an environment for the guest to navigate by foot or by flying so keep an eye out for the overall composition.   We want variation so areas of calm or emptiness for the eye to relax are fine when juxtaposed against other areas of chaos  or movement.  So look at your neighbour and play on what they are doing, if they are chaotic then build minimal… or move to another area.    Use a variety of scale, surface or sky.  I will be going around adding ambient sounds so let me know if you wish to use your own and for me to stay away.”



Ed ecco l’elenco dei partecipanti al progetto:

charlotte bartlett, sea mizin, remington aries, misprint thursday, bryn oh, rag randt, tony resident, nessuno myoo, kicca igaly, Cajska Carlsson, haveit neox, tyrehl byk, Rowan Derryth, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Solo Mornington, L1 Loire, Werner Kurosawa, Lapiscean Liberty, Pol Jarvinen, Xineohp Guisse, oberon onmura, london junkers, Dancoyote Antonelli, Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise


Servizio fotografico

Le foto che illustrano l’articolo, relative al “The Cube Project”, sono state prese, col permesso di Bryn Oh, presso la sede dell’esposizione.

  1. 2 settembre 2012 alle 20:07

    Posto qui il link al blog in cui sono elencati i nomi degli artisti selezionati per il terzo round di LEA land grant artists-in-residence.

  2. 26 agosto 2012 alle 18:17

    Great Article ! Thanks. You can see more pictures @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/werner_kurosawa/sets/72157631228918892/
    And not to forget our main Blog Site; http://lindenarts.blogspot.be
    Greetings , Werner Kurosawa

    • AquilaDellaNotte Kondor
      26 agosto 2012 alle 20:49

      Thanks a lot Werner!

  1. 10 marzo 2013 alle 22:37


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